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Weatherford introduce the Magnus Rotary Steerable System


Over the years, the rotary steerable system (RSS) market has grown and changed. Multi-national, Oil and Gas company Weatherford has adapted to these changes and developed the solution for reliable, accurate, and fast drilling performance. Today’s well geometries and economics demand advanced directional drilling technology that can help you to lower overall costs and drill more hole per day. Weatherford’s Magnus rotary steerable system (RSS) uses a “push-the-bit” design to satisfy the need for speed without sacrificing directional control.

With rugged design elements, the RSS fits nearly any scenario—from the everyday to extreme—and excels in high performance drilling applications.

Unique features including fully independent pad control and a true inclination hold, which help to sustain drilling, stay on plan, and reduce well-construction costs. Combining the RSS with their comprehensive Wave™ family of logging-while-drilling (LWD) tools, market-leading HyperLine™ downhole motors, and cutting-edge RipTide® borehole enlargement tools provides industry leading capabilities.

A rugged design for lasting reliability allows you to reach your target without setbacks. The robust, modular construction of the Magnus™ RSS helps to drill reliably and maintain trajectory easily.


Reach total depth with a trio of valves

A unique valve design helps you to achieve total depth. As the three valves operate independently from each other, they offer built-in redundancy and enhanced reliability.


Maintain operations with local service

A modular design and local support keep you running. The Magnus RSS is easy to deploy and maintain, even in remote locations.


Minimise stuck pipe issues

A streamlined design reduces sticking issues. Features such as a fully rotating bias unit, minimal BHA stabilisation, and an optimised junk slot area reduce the risk of expensive stuck pipe events.


Make reliable decisions using real-time diagnostics

To stay on top of what happens downhole, the Magnus RSS uses real-time diagnostics. The resulting instantaneous information from the BHA enables you to confirm proper operation, take action ahead of issues, and drill ahead with confidence.


Resist harsh environments with robust piston seals

For performance under pressure, the Magnus RSS incorporates non-elastomeric piston seals in the mud-actuated pads. The result is enhanced mechanical integrity in harsh drilling environments and greater overall system reliability. Whether you’re drilling verticals, curves, or laterals, the Magnus™ RSS provides precise, proportional adjustments for continuous control.


Control direction with three independent pads

Unique independent pad control helps you to optimise the well trajectory. The three pads actively manage your direction through the entire wellbore and achieve a true-inclination hold in the lateral.


Maintain direction while drilling with autopilot

Self-regulated adjustments instil confidence in the course. Using an innovative electronic system and autopilot functionality, the Magnus RSS provides closed loop control for course corrections during drilling. Tide® borehole-enlargement tools can run with the Magnus RSS to underream while drilling, which further prepares your wellbore for casing and completion running.


Take command of downhole communication

The DownLink Commander® bidirectional communication system works without interrupting drilling. This proven system sends control signals to the Magnus RSS and then quickly verifies the information so that steering adjustments immediately take effect.

The Magnus™ RSS can also achieve increased speed and savings. Drilling efficiencies can deliver a quality wellbore ahead of time and add value that cascades to casing and completion running.


Speed up with selective pad activation

A proportional control system in the Magnus RSS picks up the pace. The equivalent drilling adjustments minimise tortuosity for a smooth, high-quality wellbore that can increase the efficiency and reduce the costs of future well construction operations.


Build up with a higher dogleg

A high-dogleg capability makes a deep kick off a matter of course. With a consistent dogleg severity capability of 10° per 100 ft, the RSS enables you to build the curve section, eliminate correction runs, and contact the pay zone sooner.


Verify position with high-speed sampling

An electronic control system confirms the tool face orientation again and again. The system samples data at rapid rates to give you the ability to have full control and optimal performance at high rpms.


Streamline inventory using a standard bit

For maximum convenience, the Magnus RSS works with standard drill bit designs. This compatibility enables using off-the-shelf equipment to avoid lengthy lead times and reduce the need for additional inventory. The Magnus RSS also offers seamless integration with Weatherford’s other best-in-class drilling tools. Together, they shift drilling capabilities from high gear to overdrive.


Putting more power into your drilling performance

Adding a motor can meet your need for bit speed. The Magnus RSS can run with any HyperLine™ performance drilling motor, which enables you to make the optimal choice for greater ROP, lower torque, and reduced stick-slip.


Obtain real-time formation-evaluation data

The Magnus RSS works with our industry-leading Wave™ family of LWD sensors. This compatibility enables accurate reservoir data while drilling from spud to TD, which helps you to characterise the formation, stay on the planned course, and maximise sweet-spot exposure.


Double up on your drilling capabilities

Optionally equipped with radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, our Rip


Published: 29-03-2019
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