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Visavi LivePlan – The Digital Coordination Arena

Visavi LivePlan – The Digital Coordination Arena


In today’s fast-paced business environment, the oil and gas, energy, construction, and process industries need to make smart resource and workflow decisions to stay ahead of the competition and maximise their strengths.

Planning and coordination are essential parts of the everyday work and resource flow at every organisation. Yet, companies sometimes struggle with slow and insufficient coordination that drives up the cost of operations. Organisations also face challenges in adapting quick enough to variables and unforeseen or changing circumstances. Slow and inefficient coordination could lead to weak decisions, resulting in bottlenecks, higher costs, and waste of resources.

Companies need more frequent updates on the plan execution and they need those updates instantly, real-time, and in a way that shows the full picture, because time, quality, and safety are essential to operations.

Therefore, Visavi has developed an easy-to-use real-time digital coordination tool, LivePlan, which allows everyone in the organisation to know what is going on in real-time, thus improving workflow, boosting productivity, reducing overtime, and saving resources and costs.

LivePlan allows energy firms and oil and gas operators to grasp the full picture by enabling organisations to gather all the information on one interactive surface.

LivePlan, a real-time visualisation of operations and dependencies of workflow for any complex industry, is a normal Windows application that works on any PC or tablet, but it is designed for use on large touch screens for optimal collaboration and immersive user experience. It can be integrated with any system. LivePlan’s role is not to replace existing systems, but to create added value by connecting existing data and work processes from the entire organisation.

The digital coordination arena integrates and visualises all planned operations with interactive and instant updates. LivePlan pulls key data out of “silo” systems and integrates the data visually on a large touch screen for easy access and sharing. With the instant updates everyone gets the same information at the same time, both onshore and offshore. Sharing information amongst co-workers and across disciplines increases situational awareness for all and allows for better coordination and workflow and resource allocation.

Visavi’s digital coordination arena pulls out all plan-related data out of ‘silo’ systems and integrates visually these data on a single touch-screen surface. In this way, everyone—regardless of location—sees the same full picture of organisational planning. Users can also create their own plan scenarios and see and compare outcomes instantly on the screen.

Anyone can use LivePlan with just two basic operations—tap and swipe, and the cost for LivePlan is not limited to a number of users. The coordination arena does not require manual data punching—all data from existing sources is updated automatically. The clear and orderly layout makes inconsistencies easy to spot and even easier to handle.

LivePlan is made of modules that can be easily customised to meet the specific needs of an organisation.

The digital coordination arena invites collaboration across disciplines, allowing for more focused meetings with an emphasis on what is relevant for the organisation.

LivePlan enables users to have a complete all-round picture of all plan-related data, boosting operational efficiencies and reducing costs without compromising safety in operations.

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Published: 26-11-2019

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