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VeriSTAR AIM 3D – A new generation of asset integrity management - By Dawn Robertson, Offshore Service Line Director, Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore


Any marine or offshore asset owner –whether fixed installations, FPSOs, drilling rigs or vessels– faces multiple challenges throughout the asset’s lifecycle, from the knowledge and confidence that day to day operations are happening as planned on an asset, to the ongoing issue of balancing integrity and performance.

These are not new challenges, but in the post-downturn environment, the impact of not managing and achieving integrity and performance optimum balance has never been more important.

Today’s technology and the options for how to use it are endless – the imperative is not using technology for technology’s sake, more, what results does it actually deliver? What efficiency, benefit or outcome do we get that improves our business? This should always be the fundamental challenge when considering any business change, whether digitally led or not.

At Bureau Veritas, this is central to everything we do and led to the development of our new generation of asset life management solution, Veristar AIM 3D. The tool provides holistic asset management capability, enabling integrity and performance assurance through visualisation and collaborative interactions with existing management systems.

It was important to us that, with the fast paced, global nature of today’s market, that Veristar AIM 3D provide insight to customers, anywhere, at any time, on any device, in either “connected or disconnected” modes. As a result, it was developed to be a full lifecycle solution that moves beyond software and looks at full workflows. It then uses digital tools, including a unique and powerful combination of 3D digital twin with smart data processing, through a collaborative platform to enable data collection, updates, visualisation, and data processing to provide clear visibility through configurable dashboards that are available on any device.

Bureau Veritas leverages the Veristar AIM 3D platform to ensure that safety, integrity, compliance and overall performance are maintained and improved. At the heart of this solution lies a 3D twin of the asset, with multi-dimensional (1D to 4D) visualisation and data analytics at any level (from unitary items up to the entire asset made available to all stakeholders).

Veristar AIM 3D interfaces directly with calculation tools, as well as ERP, CMMS and DMS software. One-shot workpack documents are rendered obsolete, as the solution enables the detailed preparation of scope of work for each physical intervention on the unit, directly transmitting it to the team. Findings and measurements can be introduced directly at the item/ component level, eliminating the need to draft an inspection report and updating the digital twin as the findings are reported. Automatic anomaly tracking, including corrective action management, is one of the defining features of the solution.

Beyond the software functionalities, Veristar AIM 3D will serve as a business digital transformation catalyst. It allows comprehensive condition monitoring of each individual element, with its current or foreseeable degradation, enabling better and faster maintenance and repair decisions, optimising efficiency and cost.

Customers who have contracted Veristar AIM 3D software as a solution system include Excelerate Energy’s Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) Excellence. The system is being delivered to Excelerate in the cloud mode, without the need for IT integration, to provide asset integrity services while it is deployed on the Moheshkhali Floating LNG import terminal in Bangladesh, the first of its kind in the country. Similarly, MISC’s offshore integrity management teams is using Veristar AIM 3D on three different units to plan interventions, provide onboard contractors with detailed work instructions and continuously evaluate the asset’s condition.

Veristar AIM 3D covers the asset’s entire lifecycle – from design through to operations and decommissioning – and has been designed, not because we can, but because it will provide true benefits to the marine and offshore industries, with measurable savings through improved integrity and operations.

Published: 02-04-2019
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