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SUBSEA EXPO 2019 - OGV Interview Vikki Thom at Rever Offshore


Tell us what brings you to Subsea Expo 2019?

Yeah it's a great exhibition, as you can see how busy it is today. Really good couple of days here so far, very much an opportunity to get together with a subsea community and some of our clients and our supply chain. So it’s a really great event.

And can you tell us more about the products or services that you’re showcasing at the event?

Yeah, absolutely. We’re a subsea contractor and we have a number of vessels. And saturation diving, IRM, construction and decommissioning is all within our capabilities so it's an opportunity to discuss that again with our clients and our supply chain here, understand some of the challenges that our clients have and there's opportunities for our supply chain to inform us of any efficiencies or new technologies that they have. So it's a two-way approach in terms of us promoting our services but also getting to know what's out there in the market at the moment.

And we're seeing an increased confidence this year so far in the industry what sort of impact has that had for REVER Offshore?

Yeah, I mean, I think everybody here today would say that it's been a pretty challenging time over the last few years but in terms of visibility of opportunities and an increased confidence in the market that's absolutely there. So for us it’s really allowing us to look at our longer-term strategy around committing to new vessels, new markets and new areas of capability and enhance them what we already do so it's a positive place to be this year.


Published: 13-03-2019
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