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SUBSEA EXPO 2019 - OGV interview Murray Anderson from Crondall Energy Subsea


So what brings you to subsea Expo this year?

Well we’re exhibiting here this year primarily to raise the profile of the company and to highlight some of the technologies that we're developing here at the moment.

you've been nominated for a couple of awards, can you tell us about those?

Yes, we’ve been nominated for the small company award and the emerging talents award and we’ve got through to the final round for both of those awards. we're hoping to be successful but we won’t hear of how well we've got on until tomorrow night at the awards dinner.

And can you tell us a bit more about the sort of services that Crandall provides?

Crondall Energy Subsea is primarily focused on the front end contact development block in the subsea sector, we’re part of our wider group of companies which is focused on floating production and subsea development, developing various technologies in the subsea area including subsea floor line coatings, internal coatings, we're looking at production buoy technology and various other ideas connected with long subsea step outs.

Published: 12-03-2019
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