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Restrata unveils digital platform revolutionising the safety of people and assets for the industrial world

Restrata unveils digital platform revolutionising the safety of people and assets for the industrial world


Interview: Craig Menzies, Head of Emergency Crisis and Continuity Preparedness – Restrata

Restrata, a technology and services company focused on security, safety and emergency response solutions has unveiled the Restrata platform. The Restrata platform is an enterprise software platform providing real-time monitoring and control of people, environments, assets and reputation, ensuring safer operational management and immediate response times across the energy and industrial sector. Craig Menzies, Head of Emergency Crisis and Continuity Preparedness discusses the new concept for crisis management.

Tell us about the Restrata platform that’s recently launched?

The Platform is a new product we launched last month in Abu Dhabi. It’s a very exciting time for us. This is a new concept in crisis management that cuts across a number of strings which allows a unified people management approach by clients. By that, I mean that we can now bring together access control to reflect global, site or zone POBs. We can look at everyone you’ve got on site from a global perspective, take that down into individual countries, into sites and zones within sites, onshore and offshore. If you combine that with the people management side in terms of live travel management and a live view of mustering, it becomes a powerful tool in emergency management.

If we have an issue on a site or an offshore asset which goes to muster, it’s vital that we know who’s there, who’s accounted for and more importantly who’s not accounted for. We feel the Platform brings all these elements together in one place.

What are the key benefits of this platform when it comes to improving health and safety?

As alluded to, a unified operating picture is vital for effective crisis management and incident management. We need to know where our people are. We always think of people first as our priority and our primary asset. The Platform can tell remotely or on site where everybody is, so we have a good idea of who’s mustered, who’s accounted for and equally or more importantly, who’s missing. The Platform also allows us to see where people are within very close proximities so that emergency teams can accurately go looking for them. This means we can account for them safely and quickly.

How will this increase motivation and help empower personnel who are in charge of running the crisis?

Any crisis management at a strategic level or incident management at a tactical level requires information. The key for the Platform is getting that information live. We don’t rely on feed from the site or the offshore asset to tell us muster numbers, who’s missing, who’s accounted for. We can see that live as it comes in through the system, so we can make informed decisions about how to best manage the incident.

What is the global potential for the digital platform in the future?

It’s a new product but we’ve had a lot of interest so far. We’re speaking to our current and new clients. The key to this is that it’s very scalable. We can scale up or down depending on ongoing operations, and that’s very cost effective for clients. It allows them to adapt to their operating environment at that time. As the Platform is Web and App based, it’s easily scalable to a number of sites across the globe without any issues to reflect client staffing and work scopes in a changing operational environment.

Published: 28-05-2019
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