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Offshore Europe 2019 - ORCA OCEANIC SYSTEMS and GEOFORCE discuss partnership between companies

Interview with Greig Masson from Orca Oceanic Systems and Henry Rosen from Geoforce.

You’re here for something fairly historic today aren’t you Henry?


Yes, at this event we’ve announced a premier partnership with Orca Oceanic and it’s in conjunction with this show, but it also is representative of what’s happened positively in the Aberdeen and North Sea area over the last year or so. We used to have representation in the North Sea and then we all remember 2014-15 and the down days. I’m excited to see whats going on in Aberdeen right now and we’re especially excited now that we have a partnership with Orca, to represent us in this region.

Fantastic. And you’re obviously clutching something in your hand, can you tell us a little bit about the equipment, or maybe I should ask you Greig, can you tell us about the equipment that you’re holding?


I’ve got the GTO which is a GPS tracking unit, because of what Orca has done on the intelligence side of things with mob manager and the equipment manager we thought, its about time we start tracking assets properly, away from RFID and using GPS so we can tell where our equipment is at all times.

So, what are the major benefits for that for service companies?


More for the rental companies. We’re not going to have disputed invoices all the time, Geoforce have the data there to back that up, the disputed invoices are automatically lowered because you’re getting that location constantly, so when the equipment is returned it is all fine.

So, if I am an operator, I can’t argue that we’ve only had the equipment for 5/6 days because you can actually tell using that data, how long it has been there for?


That’s exactly it to be honest, it’s allowing us to streamline the process even more. Relationships won’t be as strained anymore because you can’t argue about the data.

What is the major benefit of this agreement that you see with Henry?


We’re a technology led company anyway, this is a premium GPS product on the market and it’s important for us to work with Geoforce. It allows us to get the data and the equipment out there that we’re using and to be honest, it save us time as well and our clients are seeing that as well, they’re getting the backup and that’s really important for them.

Watch the full interview: click here 

Published: 17-09-2019

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