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Interview – ADIPEC 2018, Paul Carragher, CEO - BiSN Oil Tools

What brings you to ADIPEC 2018?

Well over the last 12 months we've been getting a lot of inquiries from the Middle East, so we thought it was a good opportunity to come over and showcase our products.

We're here in Abu Dhabi, what's your current relationship with the Middle Eastern market, is it something you're hoping to develop further?

Yes, we've not moved into the Middle East yet but over the last 12 months we've moved into West Africa and Australia and we see this as the next market place for us to move into from the enquiries that we've had at the show. It's very promising.

Are there any exciting products or services you can share with us?

Yes, we've been developing the whole well MOT range of tools over the last eight years now and it's just putting commercial reality with the first runs in the North Sea, West Africa and Australia. It's a new technology, brand new to the industry. It's where we melt bismuth based alloys down whole use and a modified thermo-reaction heater to see above a well either before abandonment or intervention.

What are the future plans for BiSN Oil Tools?

We’ll expand globally, we've grown from a very small company, three people- four years ago to 65 now. We've moved into the North Sea from our base in Houston and we're now working to moving into the Middle East as well as Australia. We've had a couple of rooms in West Africa over the last couple years so they've been successful, we're building on the back of those successes.

Published: 21-12-2018
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