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Interview – ADIPEC 2018, Nicholas Kjaer, General Manager for the Middle East - Churchill Drilling Tools


Can you tell us about the success of the company's experience in the Middle East?

Yes, so we started our Middle East region three years ago and we have since then expanded to be present in four countries in the Middle East and we are continuing to expand- we pretty much double year-on-year in the Middle East.

Are there any products that you can tell us about today?

We showcase all of our products here in the Middle East at ADIPEC and this will be our third year running at ADIPEC which is very successful. One of the things that we are particularly showing off is our self -filling flow trigger which we've had numerous success cases around the world and which can help clients drill faster, safer and more efficiently.

Can you tell us about the quality of the team?

We now have 15 people in the Middle East and we anticipate this to be around 20 in the next 3-4 months, so, we have significantly grown from being nobody three years ago till now almost 20 people. Also, all the support that that this team is giving the clients is part of our success obviously also the internal support that we get from our other regions and our headquarters.

Published: 21-12-2018
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