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Interview – ADIPEC 2018, Muhammad Qleibo, General Manager - Emirates Link Technology


Can you tell us about your partnership with RCP?

RCP is one of our main principles here in the Middle East. We are their representatives here and their partners in the Middle East in spreading out their technology. They have the latest technology in controlling and monitoring the rigs and the pressure control systems on the rigs and the flow control systems on the rigs remotely. They have these technologies that are spread around the Gulf and they are being installed in all new and upcoming rigs and they've been retrofitted to the old rigs.

What are the benefits of these technologies for the Oil and Gas industry?

Right now, with pushing the envelope and the edges closer to where it's risky, these technologies help us mitigate the risks and help us put back the control for people in town with experience and help us to push the boundaries further and further.

How important is it for companies like RCP to be at ADIPEC and to be involved with the Middle East market?

The Middle East market is growing very fast right now and RCP’s presence in ADIPEC is here to show their technology and show everybody that it is available, it is accessible and they have the regional support here they can implement it in their fields and they can install and support in the long term

Published: 21-12-2018
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