Integrated technology drives efficiencies in P&A

Integrated technology drives efficiencies in P&A


To prepare a well for plugging and abandonment (P&A), combining conventional techniques can improve efficiency and cut the hefty cost associated with permanently ending a well’s productive life.

Wellbore clean-up and abandonment specialist Coretrax has designed and created the unique CX-Double Perf and Squeeze system, a one-trip solution for annular cementing operations.

Utilizing the CX-Double Perf and Squeeze system allows for annular cement to be placed and a cement plug to be placed in a single trip.

The Aberdeen-headquartered company combined tried and tested tools to reduce costs and improve the reliability of well abandonment preparation.

  • Run in hole simultaneously cleaning the casing and removing micro annulus
  • At top perforation depth, close the BOP annular and pressure up to fire guns
  • Continue to run in hole
  • Reach retainer setting depth, reciprocate string to clean retainer setting area and set retainer
  • With communication below the plug, pressure up to fire second set of guns
  • Establish circulation, pump Coretrax slops reduction clean-up pill and perform cement squeeze
  • Pick up to disconnect from retainer and spot cement plug

Whilst running in hole, the disposable CX-Superflow scrapes, brushes and jets the casing ID to remove debris build-up, such as cement and other foreign debris. With patented features, the combined scraper and brush tool can be run in conjunction with bridge plugs and cement retainers. Once the annulus is cleaned, cement is pumped through the CX-SV, allowing a conventional cement squeeze to be carried out through the bottom perforations .

Whilst the CX-Double Perf and Squeeze system does not generate high volumes of swarf like section milling operations, the perforation burrs need to be captured at surface. Placed in the flowlines, the high strength CX-SRM is used to collect up to 30kg of metallic debris and prevent debris from returning downhole. It has a high surface area and is designed to be easily cleaned, minimizing exposure of swarf to the rig crew.

The CX-SRM (swarf recovery magnet) is a high strength magnetic system used to recover swarf and metal debris from the drilling mud.   

Integrated technologies for P&A

The CX-Double Perf and Squeeze systems effectively address the challenges associated with the placement of annular cement in an abandonment environment. As the industry continues to drive for efficiencies, this technology saves operators valuable rig time while creating a turn-key solution for this vital aspect of the decommissioning process.

Key benefits:

  • Eliminates the requirement for a dedicated scraper trip prior to plug setting
  • Remove casing burs
  • Reduces the number of trips in the hole with perforating equipment, therefore reducing crew exposure to explosives
  • Cement can be displaced immediately after disconnecting from the retainer, allowing cement squeeze and a balance plug to be placed in one trip
Published: 29-05-2019

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