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IMRANDD In the Spotlight

IMRANDD In the Spotlight


Company Background

We provide techno-economic solutions for the safe and profitable management of assets in the upstream oil and gas industry. Our services are delivered through a multi-disciplinary team of customer-focused engineers and oil and gas professionals.

Our approach empowers clients to make more informed strategic decisions, identify and improve cost efficiencies, increase uptime and enhance production - giving a measurable commercial advantage.

Why was the company formed?

The company was founded in 2016 by myself (Innes Auchterlonie), managing director and Sripad Gopala, commercial director. Between us we have extensive experience in asset integrity management, specialist engineering support and solutions and oil & gas economics.

I have over 15 years’ experience in asset integrity management, having been responsible for multiple offshore oil and gas installations around the world in various senior roles with operators. Sripad has worked as a consultant for the oil and gas industry for more than ten years, following on from his previous background in economics.

IMRANDD was created as we discovered a need for more business aware and technically advanced companies in the integrity management space in the energy sector.  Our team combines engineering expertise, tactical implementation and commercial understanding to achieve improved asset integrity management.

What makes IMRANDD’s products and services appealing for the energy sector?

IMRANDD brings new technical and financial capabilities into the integrity space, helping clients to improve the overall efficiency and safety of the oil and gas plant. We also have the ability to unlock the potential of legacy data as well as improve operations going forward.

We understand that data quality can have a huge impact on operational and business decisions, so we have developed the tools to enable clients to better understand and use legacy data and the increasing volume of data being gathered by new technology.

Additionally, using data in situations where resources are constrained can support the long-term planning and resource allocation of the asset.  Even in situations where the maintenance required does not fit within the constraints, the data still provides enough information to assess the resources required to maintain the safety of the operation.

By using a more data-driven approach to inspection, our clients can gain a better understanding of the degradation patterns across an asset, helping predict and identifying issues. This way they can more appropriately allocate resources to repair and maintenance, and better control risk and degradation while working within constraints and ensuring business profitability.

How big is the market for IMRANDD within the energy sector?

The market within the energy sector is huge. We have a wide appeal across the industry and there is a demand for our services globally. We have successfully deployed our tools to a variety of customers in the energy sector with positive feedback.

Can you tell me about any current projects?

We have a range of contracts with companies, from small independents through to super majors. We are currently putting a huge amount of effort into research and development to improve our services. We also have projects underway to help further develop our data extraction and analysis tools and we’ll be  announcing some exciting news in the near future.

What differentiates IMRANDD from their competitors?

Our differentiator is the huge emphasis we put on research and development, which is underpinned in the company name (IMRANDD = Integrity Management Research And Development). We bring in a broad range of disciplines when looking at integrity management, from operator knowledge to financial expertise.

Our innovative approach empowers clients to make more informed strategic decisions, identify and improve cost efficiencies, increase uptime and enhance production - giving a measurable commercial advantage.

What is the longer-term growth strategy for the company?

We’ve doubled in size year on year since our inception and our hope would be to continue to do so. We have footholds in West Africa and the Middle East and we hope to capitalise on inroads that we’ve made in these regions to help us meet our growth targets.

Can you tell us a bit about your current employees?

We started off with six employees and are now sitting at 40, of which there are 12 different nationalities and an almost 50/50 gender split. All our employees have excellent technical capabilities and are motivated by innovation and a passion for developing new ideas.

Some of my colleagues have left established posts in super majors and the stability that entails to come and work for our innovative and agile company, simply motivated by the passion for creativity in engineering.

What type of skills do you look for in a prospective employee?

We have a great team of well-rounded professionals who are experts in their fields and vital to achieving our vision, maintaining our values and continuing our success.

It is important for our staff to have a substantial technical capability within their discipline, however, this is not enough. We look for people who are inquisitive and experimental, as well as self-motivated, with a drive to constantly improve their skills.  We are looking for genuine passion and the ability to develop or work with new concepts that bring new light to persistent industry issues.


Published: 26-06-2019
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