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Granite PR's Aberdeen - Perth WA Gateway Event ( Mike Deeks CSC, Councilor Barney Crockett )


Why are events like this important for businesses in Aberdeen & Perth?

Mike Deeks CSC : It's great to have an event like this where we can build on that relationship and take it to a greater level, with great opportunities for both cities to benefit from the linkages and we are certainly looking to tap into the capabilities here in Aberdeen transfer the technology in the schools to the growing industry and in WA.

Councilor Barney Crockett : Yeah, I think that the opportunities in Western Australia are unfathomable, I mean enormous opportunities and you know we hope that in this part of the world we've got a reservoir of experience that we can try and market to Western Australia so I think the mutuality is very strong. We've been very strong partners for a long time, we are both joint first members of the world energy cities partnership who work closely, and not only day-to-day, but also we meet up at events like this all over the world and it keeps our link particularly strong to that, I think, benefits both areas.

Are the links between Aberdeen and Perth WA evolving & growing stronger?

Mike Deeks CSC : They are and we're hoping to grow that even further as Australia becomes the world's largest LNG exporter this year. it's an indication that there's a growing opportunity in Western Australia for Scottish based companies to continue to expand their business into new markets, and, of course, the nice thing about Perth is that it's a gateway to Asia so it's a great place to set up a regional hub to tap into the oil and gas industry and in Western Australia itself but then also continue to expand into the region.

Councilor Barney Crockett : I think that's a really important point; as I mentioned that the opportunities in Western Australia itself are unlimited for a city of Aberdeen’s scale, but also as we said it's part the fastest growing part of the world economy and, you know, therefore attractive to everybody from this area. And to answer your question- yes, for the trend more and more international and more and more that part of the world. I think that Mike was taken as aback. A huge proportion of the world's population are in the same time zone as Perth and, you know, we all have to you know realize that that's the world that's ahead of us all. It's our rapidly changing world focused on Asia and in particular a great gateway to it is Perth.

Mike Deeks CSC : So, there are British companies that are looking for a base where we speak the same language, we have a very well-regulated economy, stable government and a location of which the transition is relatively easy then they should consider Perth as a as the next step.


Published: 13-03-2019
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