Gary Yeoman - Balmoral Offshore

Gary Yeoman - Balmoral Offshore


Can you tell us about Balmoral Offshore and what you do?

We’re a global solution provider to the buoyance elastomer and insulation market. We tend to predominantly work in deep water environments, Brazil, the Gulf of Mexico and West Africa. We supply a lot of our products to here in the APAC region. Balmoral cover all areas of the oil and gas market, the exploration side, the production side and the installation side. There is a number of opportunities in the area that we are looking to capitalise on the further growth of this market area for each of the sectors which we operate.

Are you involved in the SURF Market?

The surf market would be the biggest market for us, we are currently undertaking a number of surf projects at this time and we would look to build on that in the future.

Looking ahead, what are your plans for the future?

Balmoral have a long track record of working in the APAC region, there is a number of projects coming up in the future that we want to get involved in. We are currently supplying a number of projects that are live in the APAC region and the benefit of us being at APAC is to underline our commitment to this market. There is a number of customers that we deal with on a regular basis so its good to touch base and reacquaint ourselves with good contacts in this market area.

How are you finding the event so far?

This being the first day of the event, I have been pleasantly surprised with how busy the show has been. There have been a number of good opportunities that we have found out about this morning, some new contacts and some existing contacts speaking about future products. So far so good and we look forward to the next busy few days.


Published: 13-08-2019
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