Galia Gil - IBM

Galia Gil - IBM


You’ve been involved in different sectors that have adopted digital transformation, what are your thoughts on transferring those approaches to the oil and gas industry?

What I’ve seen in other sectors is that senior stakeholders are really keen to engage with their employees as if they were their end customer. They look at ways of engaging them to be creative, innovative and give them opportunities to work in different ways and I’d like to see that brought into the oil and gas sector.

You’re taking part in a panel discussion later, can you tell us what that’s about?

The panel discussion is on cross sector learning and reaping the rewards of that, I’m going to be talking about how we can address the issue that we have with attracting new people into our industry and how we can change the perception of oil and gas. For example, when I worked in the media industry I was really impressed by the way the senior stakeholders in the industry were promoting environmentally friendly campaigns even though it didn’t have to do with media it was still a way to get people, the employees, engaged and feeling good about the industry that they worked in and id like to see that brought into oil and gas.

How are you finding the Future Oil and Gas so far and what are you looking forward to most over the next two days?

Its been really interesting, great cross sharing of ideas here and I’m looking forward to talking with people about some of the innovative technologies that were doing at IBM and in other companies.


Published: 13-08-2019
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