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Drilling Systems Interview – Marco Nina, Msc student Drilling and Well Engineering - Robert Gordon University

Drilling Systems Interview – Marco Nina, Msc student Drilling and Well Engineering - Robert Gordon University.


What does using a simulator bring to you in terms of understanding?

This simulator is useful because you can compare with the real-life situations, it has many parameters. You have sensors, weight indicators, control pressure and volume so these parameters are important because they are related to compare the drilling program and to get the target done.

How does it feel when you're using the drilling system simulator, does it feel very realistic, can you give us an example?

Yes, it is realistic and one point here that is very important is safety in the Oil and Gas industry. When you talk about the simulator, it's better if you have some problems here or are trying to do something real like a Well control scenario or extract pipe because otherwise you will expose people or the equipment or the environment when you are in the real situation.

Do you have an example of a time that you've applied what you've learned using the simulators?

Yes, for example as a part of our program we use this simulator to learn how to apply the metals to control the well when you have a gas leak, you have dangerous situations related with hydrocarbons and this is used to close the well, obviously simulating the circulation and control the weather without risks.

For you where do you think the benefits of a course with a simulator stands versus a course without one which perhaps uses more traditional methods. Do you expect this technology to help you increase your chances of passing the course and benefiting you after University and for potential careers?

Yes actually, I think it has two positive sides. The first one is the academic side when you apply the knowledge the theoretical knowledge in the real-life experience but on the other hand, you have more chances because when you when you go to interviews you actually know how to operate a real machine.

Has the simulator given you confidence in standing out from fellow graduates when looking for a job following University?

I think this is very advantageous because when you are in in the interview stage you have many students or many people trying to get that job and one thing you have that is different is that you have experience with a simulator. This gives you the chance to know more about the real situations and you may be chosen because you know how to manage and handle it. The other students may know about the metals, control method and the drilling operations but they don't know how to operate a drilling console, which I know how to use. I think that is a benefit in your interview and that may give you a chance to get a job.

Published: 21-12-2018
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