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DDNS 2018 - OGV interview Ricardo Flores, Director of Software Development at Oilfield Data


So if you want to start off by telling us a little bit about the company and the services you provide?

Okay well oilfield data services, we've been around for about twelve, thirteen years now. We do mainly consulting on the well test, well test analysis and wellbore conversions- and reservoir surveillance. What our main things are going is like, getting wellhead pressure or bottom hole pressure to convert, or down hole gauge pressure, convert that to perforation pressure and then once we have that we can do automated buildup drawdown analysis and just kind of tell you about the reservoir and anything we can based on pressure data.

So big data is a huge focus for the oil and gas industry at the moment, for you what sort of impact is that having?

Oh it's a lot it's, I think big data means it's a lot of data that people just don't know what to do with. We try to get this like data and make it into something useful for them. We're not yet into big AI or analytics but we can do we can do our conversions, get a pressure data to a pressure that they can use and analyze and use elsewhere and their simulations or anything else as opposed to just collecting masses and masses amount of data that doesn't get anything done with.

and what brings you to ddns 2018?

These conferences kind of small or not is not like OTC or ATCE are good for us because we get to actually meet people. They're much more in focus of something near to what we do and it's easier to just kind of mingle with client's as well.


Published: 13-03-2019
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