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Australian and US rescue services become first to adopt cutting-edge Seatooth® technology

Australian and US rescue services become first to adopt cutting-edge Seatooth® technology


WFS Technologies, a global leader in the Subsea Internet of Things (SIOT®) devices, today revealed that its patented, wireless technology is now available for integration with consumer and industrial products designed by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Seatooth allows devices to communicate through water and through the water-air boundary, removing the need for wired implementation. The solution is especially flexible since other wireless methods of device connectivity such as Bluetooth or WiFi are not effective through this medium, opening up the opportunity for OEM hardware manufacturers to expand their range of offshore product capabilities.

The first company to successfully integrate Seatooth into its products is WaveJet Propulsion, manufacturers of the jet-powered, remotely controlled surfboard and kayak used across the U.S. and Australia rescue services. Using Seatooth technology, it allows a customised wrist controller to communicate and remotely control the surfboard or kayak through saltwater instead of the traditional tethered system. If the wearer falls off the board, the propulsion system will automatically shut off when the distance between it and the wrist controller is greater than 10 feet.

The system is now being used on surfboards and kayaks boards around the world including beaches at North Carolina, Rhode Island, Florida, and Santa Barbara in the United States, and in parts of South Africa, Europe and Australia.

“WaveJet is a great example of our technology being used in a completely different industry and context,” said Theo Priestley, chief marketing officer at WFS Technologies.

“This is especially powerful given it is used and trusted by U.S. and Australian emergency services for rescue operations. We’re looking forward to working with other innovative companies who service the offshore energy industries and want to enable their products to communicate through water.”

WFS Technologies (WFS) is a world leader in subsea wireless automation, Subsea Internet of Things® (SIoT) and Subsea Cloud Computing Networks (SCCNs). The company has developed a range of subsea wireless instrumentation, control products and asset integrity management solutions for the energy industry to improve safety, increase operational flexibility, reduce costs and extend asset life.

WFS can also support other industries with its patented technology.

Founded in 2003, the company has delivered over 7,000 Seatooth subsea installations through its team of dedicated software and hardware engineers based in Livingston, Scotland.

Published: 26-06-2019
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