ADIPEC 2019 Proserv - Production Control Experts

ADIPEC 2019 PROSERV - production control experts


Michael Purkiss - VP of Services at Proserv

How are you finding ADIPEC over the last few days?

It's excellent, it's been really good, there is a real buzz about it this year and I think everything is on the upturn, you can certainly see it from the attendance and the general buzz about the place.

For those who don’t know you, can you tell us a bit about who Proserv are and what you do?

We’re a controls company, we’re global and we’ve been in the middle east for over 25 years. We have offices in America, Norway, the UK and spread around the middle east and we also have remote agency agreements. We do production and repair and maintenance and services for control systems for oil fields.

Specifically, your role has been, over the last few years, the responsibility in the middle east, what kind of trends and patterns have you seen over the last few months?

2-3 years ago there was a massive constraint on spending in general, both greenfield and brownfield. Over the last couple of years, we’re seeing production targets increasing and as a result, we’re seeing the spend on, specifically maintenance and repair is increasing, and that’s our sweet spot, it’s perfect for us.

Some of the big operators are, as you mentioned, really pushing forward on the production side of things for global, economic reasonings and that has benefitted you in what specific areas of your business?

Our service bases which are in; Abu Dhabi, Saudi and Norway specifically, we have contracts with the operators so, we are in the ADNOC and ARAMCO fields for the wellhead control panel and any of the topside kit who are helping them maintain them, keep them going, optimise them, modify them and get production rates up.

So, the maintenance and repair teams have seen an increase?

Yeah, absolutely. We 3-4 years ago were doing 1 project every quarter, we’re now doing 1-2 a month. The size of the projects has gone from small repairs for 2-3 days to multi-month jobs.

Fantastic news. What are the future plans for Proserv over the next 3-5 years?

We’re really pushing to be seen as production controls experts. We want to be getting as much of our kit into fields as possible and maintaining as much client equipment as possible, whether that’s ours or existing other topside kit, both in the place we are already and also looking into expansion in other countries, specifically right now in Mexico and Kazakhstan. We are open and able to operate anywhere in the globe.



Published: 19-11-2019

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