ADIPEC 2019 ICR interview with Alan Taylor

ADIPEC 2019 ICR interview with Alan Taylor


Alan Taylor Middle East General Manager at ICR

You are a general manager here at ICR, placed in Abu Dhabi for the last couple of years, how have you seen things turn around in the last couple of months?

In the last year, we’ve seen an increase in the amount of activity in the market here. we’ve recently been ADNOC approved for our composite repair product, and we are also offering some new technology to the region here. We’ve had some contract wins as well in the last 12 months, we had around $2 million, the bulk of it on our composite repair business and we are currently executing our first wet flange job in Oman.

What is the USP for ICP right now? Why do you think you’re winning those contracts?

For us, we have quite a wide range of products and services and there’s a focus in the market here, not just in Abu Dhabi but in the region in general in repairing and maintaining rather than replacing old or corroded pipework. the range of products and services we’ve got lends itself well to that instead of having to change out pipework or replace it, we can basically repair it which is more cost-effective and can extend the life of the asset or piece of equipment.

You’re doing some recruitment as well as just now is that correct?

We have recently recruited a technical engineer, we have a new head of sales that started earlier in the year, and we’ve employed our first technician based here in Abu Dhabi. in the next few months we are looking to fill some more vacancies and potentially more technicians as the business develops over the next few months.

Lots of positivity, what does the future look like for ICR over the next 3-5 years?

For us we’re hoping to see the growth continue, we’re now ADNOC approved for the composite repair project. we’re looking at developing in other countries in the region. we’re looking at how to grow the business in Saudi and Oman. We’re looking at servicing Azerbaijan from here as well. we’re now looking to just really increase the regional focus from Abu Dhabi and just grow the team and grow the business and make us the regional hub for the middle east.

Published: 19-11-2019

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