Adam Soroka - Cavendish Group

Adam Soroka - Cavendish Group


Could you start of by telling me about the Future Oil and Gas event, what’s is it all about?

The event itself is a platform for innovators, technology companies and operators to get together and basically just congregate and talk about the industry and where it’s going, what it’s doing, where we’ve got to get to and the role of energy companies. As well as how influential they are in the oil and gas chain and that’s the main focus on it. We’re looking at all areas of disruption, data, technology and how that’s really changing the landscape of the industry going forward.

The event is looking really busy this year in comparison to last year, what’s your thoughts?

It’s doubled in size which is always very good to have. It’s not only doubled in size but also increased on a level of content and we’re much broader in terms of what we discuss, I feel we are also introducing areas like, a tech area which is encouraging start-ups to present what they’re doing. Start-ups and tech companies are becoming increasingly important for the industry so that’s played a big part of what we do, we’re becoming more of an exhibition which is the plan. I believe we’ve got the chance to become the meeting place for oil and gas companies where technology meets innovation. We have big plans for next year, we’ve made a big jump this year as you can see with the stands that we have and next year were looking to move to TECA and make it a fully-fledged exhibition area.



Published: 13-08-2019
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