ACE Winches designs and develops an innovative concept to deliver a cost-effective rise installation solution

ACE Winches designs and develops an innovative concept to deliver a cost-effective rise installation solution


ACE Linear Winches are used in a wide range of applications requiring high line pulls and can be suitable for land-based shore pulls, offshore wire rope deployment and recovery operations, landfall, pipe-pulls, construction, salvage and other associated direct pulling operations. They offer a higher line pull-to-weight ratio than conventional winch styles.

Although a proven solution for many years, the inhouse team of design, manufacturing and project personnel at ACE Winches designed and developed an innovative concept to deliver a cost-effective rise installation solution. Presented with the challenge of limited deck space and extreme operating depths, ACE took existing linear winch technology and adapted it to allow the winch to be fitted into a vertical frame – reducing the footprint required for installation.

The Vertical Riser Installation Solution offered a higher-line pull-to-weight ratio than conventional winches and was equipped with a continuous pull feature allowing for a reduction in operational time while maintaining high levels of safety. The linear winch solution successfully completed the installation and pull-in of two separate 8” Steel Catenary Risers (SCRs) in the Buckskin deepwater development.

The success delivered by this ground-breaking design has provided confidence in the marketplace for the capabilities of this solution, leading to multi-million contract awards.

A contract awarded for the Shell Vito project, covers the engineering, project management, manufacture, operational personnel, installation and pull-in of two 12” infield production flowlines with 10” steel catenary risers (SCRs), one gas lift flowline and SCR, and the umbilical system.

Another contract awarded for the Mad Dog Phase 2 project for the pull-in of 6 x lazy wave steel catenary risers and 4 x umbilical risers to the hang-off positions on the FPU.

The securing of these projects has involved ACE Winches working closely with the client, to create a bespoke design which delivers the client’s needs at every stage of the process.

A recent £5 million capital investment programme in ACE’s linear winches for their rental fleet has meant that their client offering has expanded to include shore approach, beach pulling and Subsea Umbilical’s, Rise and Flowlines (SURF) rise installation applications.

As well as the innovative Vertical Riser Installation Solution, the investment has been used to develop an 800te Socket Passing Linear Winch primary for beach pull, landfall, operations and large pipe sizes. This was designed to pass sockets, used to connect wire ropes, reducing risk by minimising human intervention.

The key benefits of the Vertical Riser Installation Solution are clear by the innovative design created by ACE Winches personnel. The new product effectively meets tight constraints on both technical parameters and financial optimisation.

ACE Winches puts safety at the forefront of the development and delivery of any project. The reduction in operational time due to the continuous pull feature means minimal human intervention therefore reducing risk.

The continuous pull feature and increased speed means that projects with tight deadlines can be met in a cost-effective way, maximising efficiency in operations. The linear winch solution also achieves high tonnage requirements (400-500te or greater).

The revolutionary design has significantly reduced the footprint of Riser Installations. Had traditional approaches been considered, such as using a drum or traction winch, the space requirements would have been far greater and therefore not feasible for many clients.

Due to the innovative design, the new linear winch solution can provide flexible deck layout, allowing for high quality, safe solution to be located away from the pull-in location.

The nature of the design allows equipment to be shipped to a desired location in sections and assembled on site by expert personnel to meet the client’s needs, allowing for flexibility and smooth project delivery.

Committed to innovation, ACE Winches engineers actively challenge the industry norms. Their expertise and experience across many sectors mean they can deliver high quality projects and innovative designs to suit client needs on a global basis.

Published: 27-04-2019

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