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Where We Are

The global oil and gas industry has been hit hit hard by the downturn, which resulted in the UK workforce shedding around third of its workforce. This market volatility, together with the perception of the industry’s negative impact on the environment, has consequently deterred many engineering graduates from embarking upon a career in this sector.

This situation must be turned around.

Much work has already taken place as we move to a lower carbon future; over 60 out of the 100 largest oil companies in the world are already reducing their emissions year on year, with an overall drop of 12% between 2010 and 2015.

OPITO and Robert Gordon University have also released figures which show a requirement for 10,000 jobs in emerging technologies as part of 40,000 new roles overall within the industry. As well as the traditional engineering roles required to extend production to the end of the industry’s life, new skill sets will be required, such as software development, data analytics, machine learning, robotics.

Many of the industry’s largest operators have also already began a shift to clean energy, introducing teams focused entirely on reducing carbon emissions and bringing renewables to the fore.

The energy industry has a bright future. We must tell the story of where we’ve been and more importantly, where we’re going, to attract the next generation of talent.

The Solution

The team behind Oil and Gas Vision (OGV), a leading news and intelligence space for the oil and gas industry, plans to achieve this through the launch of OGV Inspire.

Using the established OGV platforms, read by more than 50,000 people each month, OGV Inspire will work with industry to further develop the excellent efforts already made to promote STEM based careers in oil and gas.

Our digital platform will support the sector by hosting the tools and content needed to spark interest in our industry on one interactive website, combined with classroom learning and support. This will simplify the offering to academia and make it easily accessible to the students.

Delivery of OGV Inspire will use the digital communication platforms that the next generation are familiar with, including apps and augmented reality.

The proposed initiative will consist of four key areas:

  • Company Collaboration – on site or video live link presentations
  • Online Training Modules
  • Work Placements and Career Platform
  • Live Lectures and Presentations From Industry Events
Company collaboration

OGV Inspire will focus on providing a digital window into the industry using video as far as possible, with material being provided by collaborative partners in the supply chain.

The platform will be categorised into industry sub-sections, and OGV Inspire will seek industry representatives to cover each. Interviews with these representatives will be hosted on the site, with many of them also delivering industry discipline presentations to pupils.

Online Training Modules

To ensure credibility and incentivise participation from the academic sector, OGV Inspire proposes to work with industry to create STEM focused, SQA accredited online courses which are recognised by the oil and gas industry and aligned with the Curriculum for Excellence.

Creating a library of accredited online modules will empower teachers, helping them gain a more comprehensive insight into the sector and allow them to better educate their students.

We also believe these industry recognised modules will benefit both students and employers; students will be able to demonstrate industry-specific knowledge, demonstrating a ‘known quantity’ to employers.

Work Placements and Career Platform

In addition to the focus on STEM subjects and careers, OGV Inspire firmly believes in preparing students for the reality of working in industry. The platform will therefore provide support in areas such as CV writing, covering letters, conducting presentations, psychometric testing and interview technique.

OGV Inspire will work with industry to source experts in these areas, ensuring content is credible and that video is used to communicate with the audience.

OGV Inspire also intends to collaborate with industry to help source work placements using our wide network, together with the creation of a graduate, apprenticeship and work placement job board.

Energy companies will be able to post their opportunities on the website, and OGV will create a searchable candidate CV database of qualified students.

Our Proposal to You

We believe we have a strong solution in OGV Inspire, but to create and develop a credible platform we need support from operators, service companies, industry bodies and academic institutions.

A regular steering committee will be set up with representatives from all participating organisations who will ensure OGV Inspire becomes and remains the go-to platform for those considering a career in the UK oil and gas industry.

OGV Inspire encourages private sector companies to work with us on this project as part of a wider return on investment programme. Your investment means we have the support required to ensure the platform grows and evolves, and OGV’s platforms mean that extensive brand exposure can be generated for you.

These platforms include:

  • OGV News: live TV news channel
  • OGV NOW: industry client interviews and dedicated programmes /li>
  • OGV Magazine: distribution of 4000 in UK and 1000 in Middle East
  • OGV Events: industry events
  • OGV Jobs: digital industry job board

To support and encourage the industry’s workforce of tomorrow, please get in touch.